Petsitting is the FASTEST GROWING
home based business in America


Are you interested in starting your own pet sitting business? Then you have just found the resource you've been looking for!

Essential Petsitting DVD

With Essential Petting You Will Discover EXACTLY How To Start
And Run Your Own Business, Step-by-Step,
And Feel The Thrill Of Owning Your Own Business

You Gain Instant Access To Marketing Techniques
Iíve Been Mastering Since 1998...

My name is Cat (short for Catherine Bruce) and, like you, I worked for someone else. I didn't like it but you've got to pay the bills. But I also was smart enough to know that there was something "MORE OUT THERE" that I could love doing AND not only pay the bills but REALLY be successful.

Since I was a little girl I loved animals. All sorts of animals: dogs, cats, fish, horses. It didn't matter what kind, I LOVED THEM ALL!

After working for someone else for 8 years I made the biggest decision of my life: I'm going to quit my job and start my own Petsitting Business.

I was scared to death BUT it was the BEST descision I ever made! I am now my own boss and I'm free to set the direction I want my life to take.



4 Reasons You Will Make More Money At Petsitting


Reason # 1: Because You Will Be Listening To A Trusted Authority In The Petsitting Industry

PetsFirst Pet Sitting Service, Inc., my company, is licensed, bonded, and we maintain liability insurance that has been written specifically for our industry. We have been in business since 1998 and proudly serving our area neighborhoods. We are members of the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce, West Orange Chamber of Commerce, Pet Sitters International, National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, and the founders of the Central Florida Network of Professional Pet Sitters.

That's the required stuff. Here's the GOOD STUFF: PetsFirst organized and ran Orlando's FIRST National Petsitting conference. Over 500 people attended! Not bad for someone who only had 1 year of college.

Reason # 2:
Because I Am In The Trenches Scooping Poop With You

Nothing annoys me more than seeing "marketing guys" producing "helpful" videos that do nothing more than line their pockets.

That's not what you're going to get with my DVD: The Essentials of Petsitting.

What you are going to get is practical, easy-to-use information in an atmosphere of fun. Because when you get right down to it, you wouldn't be thinking of petsitting as a career unless you wanted to have some fun AND make some money too! This DVD can be used to train you and also train your employees. The actors and crew have and do pet sitting too. This was made by pet sitters for pet sitters.


Reason # 3: Because Others Have Watched This Video And Here's What They Have To Say:

"I am so happy that someone has made this DVD so I can use it for my employee training! Other videos on the market are very out dated and do not give you information about Disaster Plans that all companies should know!" Company owner in Virginia

" I was thinking about buying a pet sitting business -- after watching this DVD. I knew it was the right thing to do!" New Petsitting owner in GA.

" I enjoyed the fun and entertaining outlook on the business. It help my see things in my business I have been overlooking! Thank you Cat!" Pet Sitting Company started 2 years ago in TX.

" I heard about pet sitting from a friend and found the DVD. I now know where to start and how to protect myself and my clients. I use this video to remind myself of all the tools and what to do next. This is a wonderful tool no company should be without." New Company in FL



Reason # 4: Because I Have A Proven Track Record With My Own Business Plus I Have Helped Others Get Their Own Businesses Started

Look, if I had just started my business and prospered that would have been fine and it might have been the end of it. But I like helping people get their dream kick-started. I already mentioned above that we were the founders of the Central Florida Network of Professional Pet Sitters.

I founded this group to help other benefit from my successes and, yes, some of my failures as well. The group started as just me and one other person getting together and talking about (what else) petsitting. We talk about everything from scooping poop, to client problems, to what software we use to count our money at the end of the day.

Make no mistake. If you are serious about making money and having some fun doing it you will need software to count your money!

I then moved on to calling other sitters and inviting them to meet once a month out to lunch. Now 8 years later the group is growing strong. We all help each other and learn from each other. This video has helpful tips that other companies have used in the pass to get them over problems they had.

All around - I am here to help you too!

Essential Petsitting DVD

Well, it's decision time.

You can go on back to your "job"
taking orders from everyone and never really getting ahead.



I can't make the decision for you I can only say that I'm glad that in 1998 I decided to become my own person.

So, you are probably wondering how much all this great advise is going to cost you.

And I will tell you but first I'd like to ask a question:
How much would it be worth to you to not drag yourself out of bed on Monday morning dreading the whole week ahead?

Instead you could jump out of bed and really look forward to seeing some of your favorite four-legged clients!

(They do not care what you wear!)

Our discounted price on your new life: JUST $35.00 PLUS $5.00 SHIPPING AND HANDLING

- If paying by check or money order, please print this form and send it along with your payment.
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  Great DVD! It would've taken me 2 years of experience to learn all this.
  Light, funny. Two thumbs up!
  I wish I'd had this video fours years ago when I first started! It sure would have saved me a lot on the learning curve.

This DVD is appropriate for all audiences, even dogs and Dog Sitters!

85% of all cats watched the first 3 minutes of the DVD before getting up for a snack. Cat Sitters watched the whole DVD, several times.

This DVD is appropriate for all audiences, even birds and Bird Sitters!









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